Is my PC getting too hot? / How to measure how hot your PC is

Is my PC to hot? 

A gaming computer is usually at 60-85C° when playing or using demanding programs, a computer may reach 95C° at maximum use without it shutting down and taking damage. However, if the computer is above 70C ° without any games or programs running, there is probably something wrong with one or several fans in your PC. 

Measuring the temperature of your PC. 

HWInfo / HWMonitor is a super useful tool that you can use to read various information on the hardware in your PC. It provides accurate information on temperatures, how many watts a specific part uses, and much other relevant information that you might need. 


You can download it on its official website, and it is free and easy to install and use. You will be able to know all the information about your components: consumption voltages, loads usage percentage, frequencies temperatures (minimum current and maximum), hard disk space or fan speed. 

The interface is simple and straightforward, it does not have extensive navigation menus or anything like that. 

With HWMonitor you know the status of your PC in real time. In fact, many of the largest Tech Youtubers often use the data provided by HWMonitor to see the temperatures of the components. By using this program, you can also send your data so the recipient can see all your data. 

In general, your CPU temperatures will be the most important temperatures to monitor, but if you want to see temperatures across your motherboard, graphics card and hard drives, HWMonitor will give you that and all you want to know about your hardware. 

Download the latest version from HWMonitor website - we recommend the ZIP version which does not require installation, although you can also download the full installation version. Start it up and you will be greeted with a wide range of temperatures, fan speeds and other values. 

[All temperatures called Hot spot should be disregarded] 

To find your CPU temperature, scroll down to the entry for example it is an "Intel Core I5 10400F" which is used here and look at the "Core #" temperatures in the list.